Running a Writing Group

Posted: September 27, 2013 by AStrauss in pleskoisms
When I started the Pasadena Group to find other writers, closer, that could and would (and are!) become Pleskoites in their own way…On 11/5/07, Aracely Sustaita wrote:
Hey Les,

I put out the writing word and it looks like about 8 people/writers will be attending the first “Pasadena Writers Meeting.” Any tips?
Hope you’re doing super duper!
*but I actually go by ARA*

On 11/5/07, Les Plesko wrote:
My two suggestions about a writing group as far as how to run it is:

1. Don’t read TOO MUCH OUT LOUD each time. What worked for me before in a small group is to circulate the manuscripts around by e-mail the week before the class, and then discuss them in class. But to make it work, you can’t send TOO MANY pages or have too many people, and people really do have to read each others’ stuff.
2. Some nominal fee for each class is good. People tend to blow off free stuff much more readily.

We’ll talk.
–Aracely Sustaita

  1. Amy weitman says:

    Les Plesko’s death is the end of an era for me.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Is the Pasadena Writers group still meeting? A friend told me about Les and his wonderful Novel IV class, which I was on the list to take this month. I never got the chance to meet Les and I’m feeling the void of everything I would have learned from him.

  3. pandabear says:

    Hi Lizzie! Yes, it is still meeting. First Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at Hastings Ranch Library. We’re looking to start another meet day – possibly on Saturday or Sunday. Email me if you’re interested or feel free to let others know.

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