Handwritten Crits

Posted: October 3, 2013 by Janet Fitch in Uncategorized

From Susan Anderson

In three quarters with Les, in his Advanced Novel IV and V classes, I was able to generate a draft of my first novel. I revised between April and June, gave it to Les who gave me comments in July. I revised the manuscript and sent it to two readers, then revised again. In August, I wrote to Les saying that I would be starting a new novel and probably sign up for his class in January. Then, the news that he killed himself. That was September. Every now and then, I look at his handwritten remarks on my manuscript pages and think of them as an essence he left behind.


  1. virgpaz says:

    Yes, Susan. So incredible that one human was able to provide such spot-on, individual critiques to so many people. It’s truly generous. I posted the feedback he offered me when I was having difficulty writing an Action scene. I shared Les’ exact words in hopes that it might help another writer out there one day. Maybe this will be a place where we occasionally grace others with those bits and pieces he left behind. I agree with you, his words are an essence of him. Thank goodness for his words.

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