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From Kristin P.

Notes from a class with Les at UCLA’s Rolfe Hall in January 2011:

Make a picture to start.

Especially at the beginning, make all the associative jumps you can.

It’s hard to get good words, so whatever you write that’s good you should use.

A big piece of thought has a built in logic of its own that emerges as it develops.

The impossible thing which is possible within the confines of the narrative.

Time-bound moment: one event, how much stuff can you get into a finite period of time.

Fluidity of thought in fiction: real thinking is not limited to any subject.

Something at stake.

Take out extra words.

Never explain.

Don’t feed the reader.

Stay in the consciousness.

Fast forward by piggybacking: dramatic events, an accordion, always gaps, so forget.

Who’s the boss.

Personalize the guest.


Deliver an emotional experience.

Les’ last days

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From Eireene Nealand

A beautifully written account of Les’ last days by Ruth Fowler: