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  1. I knew Les about 20 years ago. Over 10 years,he’d been my boss, my friend, my ex-boss, my best friend and my lover for a short time, then back to best friend. What drew me to him? His eyes and his intelligence first. Then his humor after that. First he was a mentor of sorts, then we would see art movies, blockbusters, indie concerts, museums, readings, go to bars, clubs, anything that interested
    us. He was uncompromising, intense, romantic, blunt, harsh, compassionate, so intelligent, insecure, judgmental, silly, so fascinating to be with. I only found out about his suicide 3 days ago. I can’t see it happening. Les from 20 years ago would call his end maudlin. I want an explanation, but I know I’ll never get it. I regret our drifting apart but will always treasure those years growing up with him. I would like to add a pic but can’t figure out how.
    I’ll always love you, Plesko, and I hope you now know for a fact what you always mocked me for believing and that I’ll see you again in some way.

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