Who I Was by Les Plesko


Kyle McNeill & The Stumble – On My Way To Heaven (Official Video)


Les’s YouTube Channel – 79 faves

Les Plesko Memorial at Beyond Baroque
Venice, Los Angeles, September 26, 2013
Filmed by Dana Mazur

Part 1
Introduction by Michael Deyermond
Speaker: Linda Venis
(The second speaker did not wish to appear in the video.)

Part 2
Speakers: Janet Fitch, Lola Willoughby

Part 3
Speakers: Joshua Miller, David Francis, Rochelle Low

Part 4
Speakers: Janet Clare, Jody Hauber, Jamie Schaffner

Part 5
Speakers: Eireen Nealand, Pam Alster, Rita Williams, Azarin Sadegh

Part 6
Speakers: Samantha Dunn, Mary Rakow
With a Little Help from my Friends performed by Kyle McNeill

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